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4K bandwidth required

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Netflix give 7-12 Mbps as the bandwidth required for 4K Telus says Internet 50 minimum. Is this a technical or marketing issue...for a TV watching couple with email?  Bonded ADSL in multipair wired 45 yr old building a possibility?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has decided for a variety of reasons, likely related to quality of service, that they sell their 4K Optik TV, which has multiple video streams, only where 50 Mbps is available.


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This is the correct answer. 50mbps is the requirement for 4k to support multicast Optik TV so a customer can watch a 4k stream or even multiple 4k streams while still having enough bandwidth for your normal internet connection. For example: a customer who can only get up to 15 or 25 mbps as a max attainable speed on their line could tune in to a 4k stream on Optik but their internet bandwidth allocated for streaming/browsing/downloading would slow down significantly. The minimum 50mbps plan requirement is to ensure the reliability of both products (internet and TV).