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4K Upscaling


Just wondering if there was any way to have the 4K Optik TV receiver output natively instead of upscaling to 4K? I believe my TV does a better job of upscaling than the box. With the SHAW box it would just output whatever the feed was 720P or 1080i. Not a big deal, just wondering.




You can go to settings, Television, Screen Aspect Ratio and select 1080p High Definition and try.

Thanks but then I would need to set it for 4K if I wanted to watch 4K programming. I was just wondering if there was say an automatic setting. I notice on my amp it always shows 4K which means the box is outputting 4K which also means it's doing the upscaling. But thanks for the quick answer.

What you are looking for requires the ability to pass-through.  I don't think any of the Telus STBs has that ability.  You set a resolution and everything passes at that resolution. If you must have it, there is a way but it is not elegant.  You can have another Telus STB connected to another input on TV or the AVR and set that at 1080p and leave the 4K receiver at 2160p and depending on the station use the appropriate input.