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4K PVR shuts down on its own

Just Moved In
My new PVR is shutting down on its own. It’s happened 6 times in an hour. I’m watching (or attempting to) Netflix on channel 422. Does not effect other cable boxes in the house. Has never happened before. Any suggestions or experienced this before?

When you say shutting down do you mean turning off and staying off or for you mean it's rebooting?

Does it happen only when watching Netflix?

Friendly Neighbour
My pvr is doing this as well. It shuts down and re-initializes/re-boots many times during an episode or movie on Netflix (channel 422). Telus was here two days ago and gave me a new pvr and this new pvr is doing the exact same thing. For what it’s worth, it sits on top of an ikea cabinet, not inside. The old one sat inside and I thought that’s what was causing it but this new one has never sat inside the cabinet. Help 😞

I suspect it's overheating because the Netflix app is very CPU intensive and the PVR has a disk drive giving if heat as well. These units are passively cooled so it doesn't take much to overheat it. As an experiment try placing a fan near it to see if it makes any difference. If it doesn't reboot as often or not at all then you know it's overheating.