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4K PVR Freezing Every Few Days


I have the 4K PVR mounted behind my TV.  Every 3-4 days it will freeze and not respond to commands.  It leave the two green lights on the front and does not respond to remote commands.  I have to unplug the power to the box and reboot it to get it working again.  Any ideas? I have installed some multimedia fans on it to ensure its cool, but it still does the same... Very Frustrating.  I had the PVR replaced, but it does the same thing. 


Community Power User
Community Power User
Which pvr model do you have technicolor or arris?


If your PVR is behind the TV how does it get the remote signal? Do you have an IR repeater or do you use a Bluetooth remote?


Can you put the PVR out in the open for a few days as a test to see if it's related to the location?

I agree with moving it, just to see if that makes a difference. A couple of months ago my 4K box completely froze. (Technicolor box). I found that it was very hot to the touch.


The box is in a TV stand ample space around it, at least 3” above it and more like 5” on the sides and back, and the front is open. My old Cisco box sat there and only ever got somewhat warm. Either my Technicolor box is defective or just has poor design with regards to heat dissipation. My Cisco 4K box doesn’t seem to have this problem.


Anyway, I put small blocks beneath the box feet to increase the air space underneath. (Okay, I used plastic Coke caps!). 🙂 The box still gets plenty warm but has not locked up since.

Correction, my other box is a Cisco HD box, not 4K.

Technicolor always runs “hot/warm” compared to it’s counterpart made by Arris. Lockup’s or strange issues always seem heat related on the technicolor from other users who have posted in the past.

Coming back to this - I have tried moving the PVR around. It’s the Arris 4K PVR. Any luck getting a different model?

Schedule a service call and have your service looked into. You should have no freezing issues with the Arris box.