4K Box (VIP5662W, VIP5602W) with Bell Bluetooth Remote


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I had read elsewhere that since Bell uses the same Arris hardware for their 4K boxes that a Bell slim bluetooth remote can be used with a Telus 4K box (VIP5662W or VIP5602W). I purchased a Bell remote new off of Amazon, but I can't seem to get it to pair Bell Remote on Amazon


The procedure I was following (as per https://forum.telus.com/t5/Internet-TV-Home-Phone/Remote-capabilities-with-new-4K-boxes/td-p/79434) was to press the bluetooth button on the back of the box and release it, then press any button on the remote and its supposed to pair. However, nothing happens. From what I recall the bluetooth light on the front pulses like its in pairing mode, but never sees or pairs with the remote.

Also, in that thread there is a picture of a "Remote Control" menu setting item under menu>settings>remote control. I don't see, to have that, does anyone else?

My interpretation of that post was that the remote control menu only appears after successfully pairing the remote.
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Anyone else got any further information on how to properly set this up?

Hello, did you ever figure this out Mike. I also want to pair a Bluetooth remote with their 4K boxes
Try pairing your firetv remote it's bt or use a remote control app on your phone that works on BT
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FireTV remote is useless on Optik TV with its very limited functions...

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I recently just set up the bell 4k bluetooth remote on my VIP5662W Box. What I did was pressed the bluetooth button on the back of the box, then pressed 0 on the remote, with in a few seconds, the remote was paired and working great