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4-44-220 Sorry, playback is only available when in TELUS network at home. Optik TV App


I keep getting this error on certain channels. This error comes up on my Ipad while I'm connected to the telus wifi router at home. Some channels do work but will time out after 10-15 minutes and I have to tap "watch live" again.


Does anyone know a solution for this?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is your a Optik TV PVR connected to the same network?

Which router do you have? The T3200M has issues connecting Apple Wi-Fi devices to hardwired devices on the same network; the packets are not transferred, and it appears to the WAN that your iPad is not on the same network as the PVR.


Using Boost Wi-Fi, or the newest router addresses this interconnectivity issue.

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I have the T3200M router. The PVR is connected to it via switch and my ipad is on the T3200M wifi network.


Is the T3200M not the newest router?