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Neighbourhood & Social Media Guidelines

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This is a place for you to discuss our products, services, industry, and your community, and we want the Neighbourhood to become a great destination for people to ask and answer questions and get help from our user community. The Guildelines are meant to set the tone of the conversation and to make clear the ground rules for participating on all of our social and online communities.


Everyone participating on our online community or social media channels are asked to follow these guidelines:


Respect everyone

A community that is considerate of one another is a great way to ensure great conversation. Please be polite and treat everyone with respect, including TELUS, our family of companies, and our team. We won’t tolerate attacks, and we’ll be forced to remove any content that advocates or encourages expressions of violence, bigotry, racism or hatred.


Keep it clean

Keep your posts free of profanity and obscenity. All kinds of people come to the Neighbourhood and our social media channels, and we want everyone to feel comfortable.


Be constructive

We are here to listen and to help. Please try to help us focus on what we can do to help you rather than simply taking out your frustrations on us. Making you happy is our goal.


Don’t misinform or mislead

Honesty is the best policy! We will remove any comments that make false or unsubstantiated allegations.



If you have any questions or concerns specifically related to your own TELUS account, product or service, please contact TELUS directly.


No marketing

Our social and online communities aren’t the place to market your business or sell your services. Let’s focus on sharing TELUS related ideas and questions in this space.


Don’t spam

We will entertain all legitimate comments, but we won’t tolerate spam, excessive commenting (commenting multiple times in succession within the same post), or cross-posting (providing the same comment in multiple online platforms or threads).


Don’t break the law

Illegal content or behaviour is not allowed. Please don’t link or post any copyrighted or pornographic material, and don’t engage in behaviours like harassment, impersonation, intimidation or abuse. TELUS is not responsible for any use of material posted by users.



If you’re an employee of TELUS we’d love to hear from you, but we want you to fully disclose your affiliation; please identify yourself as a TELUS team member whenever participating in the discussion.


The last resort

Although we would really rather not, at our sole discretion, TELUS will warn, suspend, and if necessary permanently ban commenter’s that continue to ignore, flaunt or disregard these guidelines. The moderators and community managers will use their discretion to help keep everyone on track and adhering to these rules.



Remember to always have fun, get involved, and help other community members out. After all, we built this community for all of YOU!

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