TELUS Awarded Lithy for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

ScottyJ Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

On June 9th, @A_Kron and I had the honour of accepting the Lithy award from Lithium Technologies for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction on behalf of the Social Media Operations Team.



Named as a finalist alongside Comcast and ScottishPower, the TELUS social media service was chosen as the winner based on our very compelling results from Q1 of 2016, where we relaunched the TELUS Neighbourhood, expanded our Twitter-based activities, and consolidated and refined our Facebook responding.


This is all thanks to you. To all of you. We like to think that we don’t just work for our customers, we work with you, and it’s something we love about our job and our opportunity. We know we’re not perfect, but we’re getting better all the time, and that we’re doing it together with you is what makes this process fun.


Thank you.

A summary of what you helped us accomplish in Q1 2016:

  • 98% customer satisfaction
  • 90% likelihood to recommend TELUS
  • 89% likelihood to share experience
  • > 11,000 Twitter and Facebook conversations and over 30,000 responses sent
  • 80% of Twitter conversations responded to in 35 minutes or less
  • > 1,600 community posts, 90%+ community-created
  • > 330,000 unique community visits

Of course, there’s a very legit team that makes this all real. This award was earned by @RhoLee, @dru, @psl, @Dimo-X, @SuperFred, @Remarkable_Ryan, @ET, @C_Fun, @Fabylous, @Stanman, and @Scoto, your friendly Neighbourhood moderators, Twitter answerers, and Facebook oracles.


Want to see the full winning nomination? It’s on the Lithium Community here.


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I echo xl's congratulations!



What a joke


And thank you @ScottyJ for the awesome work / contributions to the Neighbourhood + everything you do to make the invisible side of the "struggle" manageable and achievable! +9999 Robot Very Happy

ScottyJ Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Dimo-X You spelled @A_Kron incorrectly.


Wait! I thought you two were actually one (MegaMind) Entity? Smiley Very Happy lol Robot tongue