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I’ve been trying to get a call back from a supervisor for the past 3 months. TELUS keeps overcharging me and refuse to pull the call where I was promised a certain rate for my plan. Who else is having the same experience? And does anyone have any suggestion of what to do other than quit Telus and go back to Rogers.
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Escalate your “complaint” Here I don’t know your circumstances so can’t comment..

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Petty Attitude


Westhills Mobility store: went in, asked to replace two cellphones. One phone that was normally carried by Telus Mobility was out of stock. I asked if they could pull the phone from another store (Market Mall) and have it delivered to Westhills. They didn't know. I asked them to inquire about it and please get back to me the next day. ("yes, will do") No phone call the next day. My wife called to follow up the day after. Spoke to some surly, disinterested  store employee. Basically told "I dunno. I have no info". We decided to drive to Market Mall to take care of things ourselves. Market Mall was super professional and there were no issues, got the phone. Westhills calls me the next day to say that the phone I wanted had come in. I politely explained that no one at their store could confirm that they could bring in the phone, we waited, etc before we took our business to Market Mall. Instead of the courteous response ("oh, sorry for the confusion"), I got this sarcastic-tone "I guess we have to sell your phone now" like it was an inconvenience to him personally. Totally petty attitude.