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New phone / Keeping current plan.

So I am currently on a 2 year contract with 6 months left. I have an s8 which has been great but recently broke the screen. Also have a $55 plan with 1gb data for $5. My total monthly bill is $66 after taxes and such. I am smitten by this because after looking at the current plans available, I dont need or want all that data or to pay $75 starting for a monthly mobility bill. Anyway, I'm thinking of getting a different phone (A5 because I can get it for $300 unlocked.) I know that if I renew my contract I have to pay for the rest of the device balance, I understand that. My question is, can I purchase an unlocked phone from somewhere else (Best Buy) and activate it thru telus, onto my existing plan, without a penalty? And continue with my same contract and same monthly plan.

And also, what will happen once my 2 years is up, are they able to change my plan so that it brings my monthly bill up, or can I keep paying this $66 a month for this same exact plan, until I decide that I want to change plans, which really why would I want to if I'm saving 20 bucks and happy.

My 2 main concerns here are replacing my phone, and keeping my kick ass cheap plan forever lol

Community Power User
Community Power User

If you buy an unlocked phone and move the SIM from your S8 to the new one, it should work fine. Telus won't even know you did it. I've done that before when I bought a OnePlus One a few years back. My plan was not affected.

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Thanks for the reply! I'm going to order a new phone thanks to your response.

On to my next question- what happens when a plan is up? Will I continue on with the $66.00 bill until I change plans or upgrade and subsidize a new device? Or do they change your plan for you when the contract is up and bring the monthly bill up to meet the amount of the rest of the plans.

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Community Power User

Your current plan will continue, but there may be occasional price changes. Always keep an eye out for specials which might better meet your needs.

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