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Missed payment due to Covid 19

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My bill was due on April 06 due to Covid 19 I lost my job and I couldn’t make my payment. I applied for CERB and received money on April 11. I paid past due right away but TELUS reported payment to Credit bureau. My credit has been dropped almost 80 points. I talked to TELUS but they are not helping me. Is there anyone who can suggest me what should I do? Should I go for dispute?

Community Power User
Community Power User

A single report of a late payment should not affect your credit rating. Usually late payments aren’t even reported until 30 days. Are you certain the late payment of 5 days resulted in the change in credit rating? 

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@Saqib  This should not happen years ago I had a nasty change to my prepaid plan. (did not inform me of change) I used this email address  (  You can escalate up from there.  Polecat