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Long distance

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Hello. Recently I was in my home area and called a friend living in airdrie just outside Calgary. We talked for a few hours and I was charged 124$ at .50 per min. The bill says kindersley Saskatchewan but she lives in airdrie but the area code is 306 but why do I get charged for so much if she physically was near me can someone explain as I feel kinda unfairly charged

Community Power User
Community Power User

306 will definitely be long distance from Calgary. It's a Saskatchewan number. Doesn't matter if your friend is standing next to you, 306 is Saskatchewan. Anyone calling her from the area will be calling long distance because the home area for her phone is Kindersley in this case. If she called you from her phone it would be a local call for her because outbound local calling is based on the tower her cell is connected to.

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Surely you needed to dial her number starting with a 1. That should have told you it would be long distance.

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But your friend is getting a great deal by using a Saskatchewan phone plan while living outside Saskatchewan - even though it costs you a bundle to call her.

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