unresponsed employee


unresponsed employee

A telus employee, Geoff Ehresman was around my neighbourhood (3000 block East 49 Avenue, Vancouver) last week, he came into my house twice and got my information (driver license and credit card) said that to help me get a corporate data plan for my son. after a 15 minutes attempt, he said there was software problem and cannot do it, will try it again and call me when it is done. Since then, he only texted me once that the team was super busy and still cannot go thru. I tried to follow up with him again in the next 3 days by left him a voicemail and text but he never reply again. I feel that is not right and hope you can follow up this and give me an update what's going on.


Hi @TracySo 


This does sound like a legitimate visit. TELUS does have representatives that perform this kind of sale in person, door-to-door.


We cannot be sure why he would not be replying to your voicemails and texts, though we have dedicated teams available at 1-866-848-3587 if you would like to try and discuss the offer further.

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Corporate mobility sales door-to-door?

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Is it normal practice to ask for credit card info when going door to door? I never ever give any info to anyone who unexpectedly shows up at my door. The only exception is when the census takers visit and show me proper credentials. Most of the time I don't even answer the door.

@xray - Yes, we do ask for credit details. It is required in order to process a credit check (for account creation) and/or for any up-front charges related to the device. It would be similar to the processes and steps taken online if you were to process an order there.


@NFtoBC - Yes we do offer Mobility sales with some of our door-to-door crews. 🙂

Wow... the whole thing seems like a super bad idea Telus.  If you really do have door to door Telus sales employees going around asking for credit card info that's a practice you should end like yesterday!!  This is 2019.  There is absolutely Zero chance I'd let a roving sales person in my house to start with.  They wouldn't make it past the video doorbell.  Then hand out my credit card info?  You have to be kidding me. 


Who exactly is your target market for this "service"?  Perhaps 95 year old seniors who enjoy handing social security numbers to Nigerian generals? 


Nobody would go for this.

I agree. It's only a matter of time before some lowlife takes advantage of this and poses as a Telus sales person. I have told my parents many times to not answer the door to unexpected visitors and if they do answer the door never ever give out any information let alone give them credit card info. I don't care what credentials or uniform the person has. My parents have no idea whether it's legit or not. Frankly, the average person on the street wouldn't know a Telus ID card from a Telus gift card with a photo glued on the front.


It's a PR nightmare for Telus waiting to happen. Telus is big on promoting online safefy but expect people to give credit card info to someone knocking on their door. It's mind boggling.

How do I know the person at the door is a real Telus representative? Would the average person know a real Telus ID from a fake one? I fear this practice is creating a vector for scammers.

@xray Sales reps should be able to present identification that they are doing sales for us, and most/all should be dressed in uniform.


I don't think telus employees sell mobility services door to door.


Did the "employee" show any form of identification?


As the other post say, this sounds suspicious.  Drivers license etc is a good starting point for identity theft.  


The person could have opened an TELUS account , obtained a phone to be resold.  You may want to call telus security.

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Telus offers corporate services to those who have a registered business (i.e. with the province) not just any residence. They also generally do not ask for credit card from business accounts.


Smells like old fish to me.


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Sounds fishy. Are you sure he's a Telus employee?

To be safe you should monitor charges on your credit card.