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sign up for home phone

Just Moved In

My purse was stolen with my cell phone in it and i have no way to call out. Can you contact me to set up a home phone for me?



You'd have to use the Telus chat service to do that.




I'm sorry to hear about your purse being stolen, I hope you were able to get that sorted out. 


Do you have  access to an alternate phone, such as, a friend, family or neighbour's line? Unfortunately , a new line cannot be setup here or using Chat. You can sign up here :


or you would need to call our Customer Care department at 310-2255.

@Hippo wrote:
Unfortunately , a new line cannot be setup here or using Chat.

Odd that the chat dialog says you can set up new services.



chat order service.jpg



Something more to refine for clarity, as the Telus website continues to be tweaked to cater to whomever finds the site of any use for help. Easy to order things, but help beyond 'you should know this already', is very lacking.


The Telus website upgrade has been like a year or more in progress?  Hopeful that it will be finished soon.

Still hitting occasional links to dead pages with embarrassed animals. Or the dreaded 'server busy' and a refresh to get the page to load.  

Some small leftover links from new Telus site to old Telus site.




TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

To clarify, if it's a new service entirely with no existing products, it cannot be done through chat. If it's to add on a new service to an existing account, then it can be done through chat. Certain authentication processes cannot be done over chat, to create a brand new account. Hopefully that clears up any confusion.