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I just want to be able to keep my e-mail address but now have shaw wifi at home.  Telus is charging me 71.00 per month for my home service which is telus internet 15 200 GB.  is this the only way i can keep my e-mail address which i dont want to change


Community Power User
Community Power User

There once was an option to maintain or get an email address for a small monthly fee. I do not know if it is still offered, as the situation I saw was for the users of Telus Fibre Internet, which does not include complimentary email account. My suggestion is to ask at their Facebook or Twitter presence (see 'Contact Us' at bottom of the page for links.)


In the long term, you might be wise to get an email address independent of your ISP, and migrate all your contacts etc to the new address.

If you don't wish to use the free options out there, there are a number of services offering email services for a small monthly or annual price, and you can have your own unique address [email protected].



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