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Worst customer service I've ever seen.

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Why are you so terrible at customer service?


chat: Virtual chat useless; can't answer complex issues. Live chat 50+ queue.

email: No reply

telephone: over an hour wait


in person sales agent: may have lied to my face but can't speak to anyone to confirm. 


This used to be a great company when it was AGT.


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Sales reps don't always know the answers, and they should say they don't know when they truly don't, but human nature dislikes admitting lack of knowledge, and so the rep might guess the answer, and be wrong. When talking to a rep in person, I begin my question by saying something like, "You might not know the answer to this, and if you don't that's okay, just say so..." This does two things: it gives the rep an out, which calms them, and it opens communication, which can lead to finding an answer if the rep doesn't know it.


Chat, email, telephone, yeah they're bad, but even a corporate store can have a line out the door by noon. This is, sadly, just how it is. It's not possible to have a ratio of one rep for every customer.


Telus doesn't have to have a rep for every customer.

Every customer is not walking in the door or calling with a question or an issue at the same time.

When you try to live chat with Telus customer service and there are 60 people ahead of you that's unacceptable. Telus customer service is getting worse all the time. I have dealt with numerous utility and phone companies in various provinces and the US and none are even close to Telus for long wait times. Why don't they hire more people?

Again. How did you get to speak to a live agent??? I don't need a lesson in diplomacy. I need my home phone to work!

How on earth did you get to talk to a live agent????  If you get through to one again, please tell them my home phone is not working,