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When can we order the 2017 Calendar ??


Did I miss the deadline for the 2017 calendar ??  Have had one every the animals.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for our TELUS calendar. In alignment with our company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we made the decision to move to a digital version of our calendar for 2017. 


Update: Our digital calendar has launched!


If you’re more a digital calendar type-of-person we’ve got you covered. Change your desktop up every month with a new TELUS critter or nature background. It’s free and easy to download, just head on over to


Merci de nous avoir fait part de votre intérêt pour le calendrier TELUS. Conformément à notre engagement visant la protection de l’environnement, nous avons pris la décision d’offrir le calendrier 2017 en format numérique. 


Mise à jour: Notre calendrier numérique est en ligne!


Si vous préférez une version du calendrier numérique, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Changez l’arrière-plan de votre bureau tous les mois avec un nouveau fond d’écran d’animaux TELUS ou à thématique nature. Il est gratuit et facile à télécharger, il vous suffit de visiter 

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I've been reading this for weeks. and like everyone else, I'm hoping something good comes soon!!

We love that Calendar, and the stuffed animals we can order through it..... all great stuff!!


Come on Telus!! 

^^^ Dead link

Is this discussion group locked? Still hoping for the best regarding the 2017 Calendar.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  

@BarryN1 wrote:

^^^ Dead link


Too late for me.  I've switched to another carrier and ordered a free dairy calendar.  I like cows.


When will we be able to order your beautiful calender?


Nothing really beats the cute Telus ones with stickers, but at this rate we might never get the Telus calendar and be out of one for the new year!


If anyone is interested, you can get a free dairy one if you're in Canada. Google "How to Get Your 2017 Milk Calendar."





Also hopeful for one of these!! Hoping for an update soon!

We were told 2  weeks ago that we would hear an update. So far all we hear is crickets. 


Ok, we were told long time ago "next week"..but which one?!  Smiley Wink

Today is my birthday.....please a good news about the calendar!


Any response on whether the 2017 calendars will be available?


Any news on whether there will be a 2017 Telus Calendar?  I order on every year.  I'll will really miss it, if there isn't a 2017 Calendar.

When more information is known it will be shared. Till then, not much one can do but wait for an announcement one way or another.


At this late date, I would think it highly unlikely that we're going to get a calendar this year.  What a shame as it's one of the only perks us long-time subscribers get and something that is looked forward to by so many,  Guess with all the free TV's etc, the company is over budget !

Who is responsible for making the announcement.  Is there anyone we can directly communicate with.  It seems very poor customer service not to let customers know going to happen with the free Telus promo calendars.


Like many other customers, I would like to know if my favourite Telus Calendar will be available for 2017.  If it is not going to be available to 2017 ( or future years) it would be nice to be informed, so we can make plans to get other calendars.





I  would guess that either Marketing or Promotions Departments would be involved with the calendar program. Good luck getting thru to them. Try Customer Services as well. Good luck. 


When and how can I order the 2017 calendar?


I would also like a calendar - it's my favourite and I've enjoyed using it for years.  I am a loyal customer (phone, internet, mobility, and tv) and have been for years.  I will be very disappointed if the calendars are not available anymore.  I feel it is a nice gesture from Telus to show they appreciate me as a customer.

So its Nov 27. I'm thinking it's safe to say telus is not coming out with a 2017 wall calendar this year. Way to disappoint your customers and I'm sure your employees telus, all for what? Saving a buck? I'll be looking to take MY bucks somewhere else #customersfirstmyass #disappointed #fail #2017calendar

And.....they don't even have the courtesy to tell us that they're not printing one this long does it take to say  "Sorry, not this time" ??  I also miss all the cute tv ads....think the pr and advertising departments needs to do some re-thinking about their image !



Way to go TELUS. One of your reps said 2 weeks ago that news was coming about 2017 calendars. We are now approaching week 3 and still no news. If by some miracle the calendars are still coming they better be spectacular. Whomever made this decision better get a big raise because they are doing a wonderful job.[ Sarcasm turned off } Pretty sad really. Maybe they are going to be delivered personally by Darren Entwhistle. Imagine... a communication company that doesn't communicate.