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Terrible experience after adding additional services

I've been a loyal telus customer for many years for my mobility account. I rarely have problems and have always found them helpful. However, I decided to add their internet service and it has been nothing but a huge unhelpful stressful mess. The first time my internet was set up everything went relatively smoothly. I've recently moved and now it's this huge headache. The technician was supposed to show up on June 4th between 3 and 5. I got a text confirmation for June 4th between 5 and 7. That was already strange. Then the technician never showed up between 3 and 5, and I received no phone call. I called telus after 6 to check on when the technician might be arriving, I was told he was on his way. 7:30 rolls around and nobody had showed up. So I call again and I'm told that it's too late tonight and the technician is no longer working, he will call me Sunday June 5th 15 minutes before he shows up (no time window was given). So this morning, the 5th, I call AGAIN to ask them what time approximately the technician will arrive. I am told that no appointment is set for today and the best they can do is WEDNESDAY. I work from home, as well as being a full time student. I NEED my internet or I can't do my job. I was told they could give me a $25 credit. Not good enough. I do not want a credit, I want a technician to set up my internet. Is this common practice for their home "services"? Maybe they really just do not care for their customers, new or old. When asked where I could provide my feedback I was directed to this forum. Not exactly sure how this is supposed to help me. However, seeing as I have recived terrible service thus far, what did I really expect from them.

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

@Amberrosen I would love to help. I have sent you a private message. 


I new also in Telus and I hope this is good experience for me


Telus offer me an internet plan with the new phone number, but after this, I don't think I will switch from Shaw for my internet.


Thank you to sharing.