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Telus Credit Card processing fee


I found out about this from


If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through the bank?

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Good for you.   I just went to paying through Online Banking.   I contacted Telus through chat but didn't think to ask for a $5 discount.  

Wow, that was smart.   I just removed prepaid and to online banking.   I also, voiced my objection through online chat.   They also told me to go to this forum to voice my objection.   I never thought to ask for a $5 discount.   Good for you.

Your argument contradicts itself. Yes, companies do factor in the cost of accepting credit card and other payment processing fees. Including Telus. So based on your post Telus has factored in the fees and is now raising costs for customers who use credit card payments. Telus doesn't pay the 1.5% merchant fee because they are philanthropic, it is an efficient and zero touch way to manage payments and cash-flow. Pay your bill in fiat currency it is legal tender and will create jobs for people to handle the payment processing that the meager 1 5% fee automated for Telus. You will be a hero!

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This request to go back to paper billing illustrates 1 of many flaws with this proposed fee. I love Telus services first of all (I am a loyal customer and an investor)… why would you want to introduce the competition to another reason to go with them instead of Telus? Many customers like the fact that they get rewards by paying their Telus bills with credit cards. Now you want to give Shaw that ammunition. Moreover it just looks petty introducing these fees. If these cc processing fees are such a burden then recover such costs in a price increase if need be. The whole thing has be shaking my head quite frankly.

I actually just got off the phone and did request paper bills again because of this fee.

I have both mobility plans for me and my family, and a prepaid plan.

The TELUS representative told me that prepaid customers will not be billed the 1.5% fee for using credit cards, it’s only regular mobility plan customers getting screwed over.


@implode  You have to pay the card bill  by check and mail or online banking or go to bank or leave it on the card

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You can pay cash in store and then they will pay 1.5% for cash guard services plus need additional staff to msn stores and do sales.

Last time I went to TELUS to pay my bill, I was told they will only take credit card for payments, no cash or debit. And when in the chat support, the bot replied this to me when asked about in store debit payments “The option to pay your TELUS bill with cash, or in
a TELUS store, is not available.”

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If this goes through, I will switch providers.  I have no interest in setting up another payment method because Telus is looking to gouge more money out of me.  

Switch provides, then ask for a 15% discount to come back


 @implode  If enough people complain they will not do it. They will just raise the cost of all their services by a larger amount------ wait for it.... always happens

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No it won’t. Telco services always drop in price over time. So ask for a discount now to cover the costs.


One, controversial,  way to look at it is that people  with high incomes can get premium credit cards that give them higher reward points or cash back than that people with lower income can obtain.  So you could argue that low income people are subsidizing higher income people.


In my case the extra fee TELUS is charging will match the reward I'm receiving  on my credit card.

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There is a 1.5% fee these days in handling cash, what are they going to do, charge 1.5 fee if you pay in store with cash.

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I sent this to the CRTC complaints page, since they are asking the CRTC for approval.

"I am opposed to the Telus application to charge a fee for credit card payments for one simple reason: Accepting credit card payments allowed for huge cost reductions in the accounts receivable function. Labour costs for processing payments went down significantly. Electronic billing - electronic payments. I have NO desire to have telus have access to my bank account especially remembering actions in the past like Reverse Billing. I also notice they do not mention Paper Cheques as a method of payment, is that also not going to be allowed?"


A really cheesy move on the company’s part. They are $1 billion corporation and they are too timid to stand up to their bank? Another billion dollar corporation? So instead they want to apply to go after their customers? If they can’t use their size and influence (like they do with the government on regulatory matters) to get a better deal with their bank, then they are a bunch of lousy negotiators.

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Some additional information about credit card use in general:

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Aside from this being a money grab, paying by credit card also acts as an extra layer of security. More than once Telus has overcharged me on my wireless bill. Thankfully I was able to get it resolved every time (albeit after spending time talking to customer service), but I always knew that if things really got bad, my credit card provider may help in getting my refund. If Telus follows through with these fees I will definitely consider switching providers. 

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In challenging economic times credit cards are a common tool for management of common household finances.  To add a fee for use of that tool is adding insult to injury for struggling Canadian families.  Thanks Telus for showing us again that despite all the cool ads with cute little animals you really don't give a flying s**t about Canadian families.

This is coming from the company and network that "gives back".  This fee is so ill-timed when the cost of everything is going up. It's not just a fee, there's also GST/HST on top of the fee! Talk about insult to injury. 😠

Let’s put it this way Telus you alongside your buddies Roger’s and Bell charge us the most for cellular service out of all of North America…you can dang right eat a fifty cent to a dollar fee. Why don’t you try charging us less before crying boo hoo about a dollar in fees.