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Telus Credit Card processing fee


I found out about this from


If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through the bank?

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I think Telus should send customers a rebate back for the extra fees they are charging. Everyone is having a hard time as it is.

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I think Telus should pay it's loyal customers a rebate at the end of each year. Everyone is going through a hard time as it is. Plus, this will keep its LOYAL customers happy.

You think they care? If they actually cared about their customers they wouldn’t be thrusting this fee into them…unless you are money they don’t care.

TELUS doesn’t care, which is why they are the only telecommunications company of the big 3 currently billing this fee. I paid my last bill by cheque, had them send out the paper bill which isn’t good for their net zero campaign but they forced my hand on that one, and mailed out the post dated cheque to them which also isn’t good for the environment impact that TELUS is creating by forcing me to go this route with the cost of transportation, paper, ink, ect…, not to mention the actual cost for them to mail out paper copies and to deal with cheques.

It’s clear to me that TELUS doesn’t care about the impact of this fee on its customers or the environmental impacts it’s creating. If they did, they’d remove this fee and reimburse all customers who paid it.

But TELUS hasn’t even had an employee speak about this fee on this topic that been up for months now. Pure money grab.

I been with TELUS over 15 years now, 5 devices on my plans including prepaid as well and each device bought directly from TELUS, not to mention devices bought in the past.

Currently thinking about taking my phone numbers and switching providers just so I can properly pay my bills the way I been for years without these ridiculous fee’s.

Another reason why I’m leaving Telus for another company at the end of my contract.

After recently switching to Telus, I downloaded the company’s mobile app to see if there were any features I wanted to use. Within a few hours of downloading the My Telus app, I noticed that DuckDuckGo’s App Tracking Protection had blocked almost 1,400 tracking attempts using known third-party trackers from Google, Facebook and Adobe.

So let me ask you Telus…you are seriously not only nickle and diming me regarding credit card payments… you are also selling my data to Google, Facebook and Adobe? That’s pathetic, you guys are the cheapest low down crooks I’ve ever had the dissatisfaction of doing business with.

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Unfortinately, Tleus has decided to put the consumer in the middle of this battle with the credit card industry. Instread of absorbing the costs they have passed them onto their clients. I do not agree with this in principal, and will be looking for another vendor once my contract expires in December. 


The fact of the matter is, these decisions wil lead to loosing more customers, if everyone swtiches to cash they will have to make decisions on what they purchse without access to credit, which will further affect the economy and who is willing to pay for residential security. You would think keeping clients would be the priorioty, but hey, what do I know.


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What I did was ask for a reduction of fees or Id drop my plan down / redudction of services.

The way that TELUS measures its sales is new sbd increased services. Reduction of service revenue is recoded as a monthly loss and avoided. Do I received a $5 discount each month on an $85 plan which is a 6.3% savings on my spend and more money then the extra credit card fee. So now I’m better off 😛


I sympathize with small business owners that struggle to cope with the gouging, coercive behaviour of credit card companies. I have zero sympathy for big companies with lots of negotiating power and oligopoly advantages. But Telus has crossed an ethical and moral line.


As others have said, Telus had already accounted for all of their credit card processing costs in the prices customers had agreed to pay prior to October. Since Telus has not first reduced our rates by at least 1.5%, it is therefore indisputable that the new 1.5% fee is definitively not about covering processing costs. Anything Telus says to the contrary is deliberate deception. Telus is intentionally defrauding its customers by circumventing our contracted pricing agreements to raise our rates. It is simply theft by a company bereft of ethics.


I have been unable to find any information on paying Telus by paper cheque. Does anyone know if this is possible and whether we can get good old fashioned prepaid stamped envelopes for mailing in our cheques?


We will be looking for ways to reduce our Telus spending, not just by 1.5% but by as much as possible. Perhaps by getting rid of our landline, downgrading our Internet package, or simply transferring all of our business to a Telus competitor. We already knew to avoid Telus mobility. If this is done by enough of Telus' victims, then Telus will lose much more than it is stealing.


It is my fervent hope that class action lawyers are currently looking at legal remedies for this Telus fraud.



Ok Telus, here is how your business was looking end of June 2022:


TELUS annual/quarterly net income history and growth rate from 2010 to 2022. Net income can be defined as company's net profit or loss after all revenues, income items, and expenses have been accounted for.

  • TELUS net income for the quarter ending June 30, 2022 was $0.366B, a 34.37% increase year-over-year.
  • TELUS net income for the twelve months ending June 30, 2022 was $1.457B, a 50.97% increase year-over-year.

Source =


Now..... do you REALLY have the audacity to pursue this blatant cash grab / gouge of attempting to charge customers a 1.5% "credit card processing fee". Like god forbid you give customers a tiny break during this time of record inflation when you are making literally hundreds of millions of dollars in NET profit. This is such a PR fail, it is laughable, how can you possibly be so out of touch and greedy?



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How does a company the had a net profit of $1.6 Billion last year have the audacity to start charging me an additional 1.5% just to accept payment for my monthly bill??. Been with Telus for 12 years now but getting sick of their greedy money grubbing mentality the last few years. Seems like any possible way they can think of to get an extra buck from your pocket and they go for it. Doesn't seem like a good business model if you want to keep customers loyal and happy. Canada already has the highest phone bills ono the planet and now this...seriously! Cut the crap!

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Just canceled my mobile account because of this practice.

You can't even go into a Telus store to pay by debit or cash anymore. No bill payments at telus stores?? The only other option if you don't want to pay this 1.5% charge is to give Telus your bank account info.

Absolutely predatory and malicious

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You could have asked for a 5% discount and not leave. Use the situation to your advantage and save 3.5%

I would of asked for 15% because they were being greedy butt munchers. Just to send a message that you and your attempts to be a greedy corporation are denied…besides Canadian telecoms are already robbing us


I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling frustrated with the credit card fees imposed by Telus. It's important to consider all available options and weigh the costs and benefits of each when managing finances. You may want to explore alternative financial tools or negotiate with the credit card company to find a solution that works best for you. 

I think you may have misunderstood the point of my post. Telus has been paying transaction fees to credit card companies for decades. The fact that they feel empowered to now charge customers for this service based on another company's court decision at a time where inflation is skyrocketing and they're reporting record profits is reprehensible. Of course spamming a callous corporation's customer forum and trolling for business from unfortunate people who are suffering from debt problems isn't much better. Not really appropriate or on point.

Ameliaaria, you seem to be out of touch with what actually happening to customers.

Credit card fees have always been in effect and company’s calculated it into their cost to the customer. So no point in TELUS trying to tell me otherwise.

So my bill for years now already has these fees calculated into it, along with the lights, network rental contracts and everything else. So if I chose to pay by credit card I’m double punished but if I pay by cheque I’m ok and yet it hurts the environment and costs money for TELUS to send me a paper bill, and most likely processing fees. It just stupid for TELUS to have credit card processing fees, especially when their competitors don’t from what I can see. They seem to be handling it the way they always handled it, by leaving it calculated into the bill price.

Oh and just to point out, it’s only the mobile contract customers who are getting slapped with these credit card processing fee, you know the people who usually pay more for their bills. The prepaid users do not get billed a credit card processing fee at all. I know has I have an ESIM on my phone that’s a prepaid plan and it’s billed monthly to my AMEX card without any processing fees. When I asked why, the TELUS representative told me it’s only for mobile customers plans that are to be billed it, not prepaid users.

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These credit card expenses are defined by CRA as “cost of sale” expenses. Sales commissions are also cost of sale expenses. If TELUS is allowed to add cost of sale expenses as additional fees then Telus could charge us for sales commissions, sales staff training, the cost of this community chat could also be charged back to us. It’s unethical to charge a customer at a line level a cost of sale fee.

Australia in the early 2000s changed its false advertising laws that all federal sales had to include ALL fees and surcharges in the listed price. This happened after airline fuel surcharges started popping up.

We in Canada need laws that prices must be all inclusive. We need a federal referendum to vote on such a law.