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Telus Credit Card processing fee


I found out about this from


If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through the bank?

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I want to add my debit card, rather than my chequing account number. 

Can I suggest leaving you credit card on, withdraw cash from bank or bank machine, go to a TELUS store and pay cash. TELUS will then be incurred with a 1.5% fee. This happened to Vodaphon I’m the 90’s and they reversed the decision because it cost vodaphon a lot of money.

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Talking with an agent and they informed me they do not accept cash at Telus stores except 2 within Canada. I’ll be mailing a cheque.

FYI...if you're paying when you receive the bill notification, you are paying three weeks before the bill is due.

I also wants to point out the translation of the Latin in Telus's email is Nor is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain.” Very fitting.

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Just off the phone with Rogers - they agreed to match the price and plan I currently have with Telus.  Moving back to Rogers now.

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I have been with Telus for 23 years and have 5 people on my account, I moved to Telus because Sask Tel was nickel and diming me, well, it's time to move on.  This credit card processing fee is part of doing business that is on the onus of the business owner.  This is a complete rip off and it's time to move on, even if I must pay more elsewhere.  I would suggest everyone make noise and let the world know how Telus may care about animals but they don't care about their customers!!

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Stop DOWNDUMPING on long time customers!!!  Time to call Shaw!

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So, starting in October you're going to charge me to use a credit card for my ongoing bill payment? What the flying F?

I've been a loyal Telus customer for over 45 years, and this is the thanks we get? You give all the bonuses and presents to new people, yet those of us who have been here forever continually get sh*T on with your fees, increases, less service for more money, content reductions. I'm about ready to cancel my account completely and either switch to Shaw or find another option. I'm so pissed, I can't even think straight. You suck @telus


I totally agree I’ve been a long time Telus customer (mobility/home security/internet and Tv )  but seriously thinking going over to Shaw just tired of all the added fees ….good bye Telus…..

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Please help me understand how Telus can justify this? Telus has been accepting credit card payments for decades, and credit card processing fees are a normal business expense which are normally budgeted for and already baked into the price of services. I'm very unhappy with this action because I feel like Telus has made no real attempt to justify it, and I believe the real reason is just that they want more money. This does not make me feel valued as a customer. I feel wronged and used.

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Thank you Telus for loosing a long time customer that has spend hundreds every month.  I recently cancelled my Internet and OptikTV service that I have had for many years. I have been a landline customer for many many years.  I have a standing offer to continue service for an attractive price valid until my schedule termination date at the end of the month.  


The recent news about charging a 1.5% fee for credit card transactions on top of forcing me to go paperless, cancelling my token $5.00 Loyalty Credit a short while ago and perpetual absence of high speed internet is just too scummy.  Telus offers ADSL 15/1 in my area and Shaw offers 1.5Gb. Telus is clearly not customer oriented and successfully lobbied the CRTC to rubberstamp an approval. 

With this in mind it the decision to terminate my Telus services and switch to Shaw, an otherwise difficult decision a no brainer and very easy. I just need to spend my 250 Telus reward points before the termination date. 


Why would Telus continue to Nickle and dime customers? 


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I am in agreement with the critical comments I’ve read regarding this new fee. I would like to add that I am of the understanding that this a breach of the credit card processing policy for merchants, they are not permitted to pass these fees to the consumer. 

"As part of a class action lawsuit settlement, Visa and Mastercard have agreed to allow merchants to decide if they want to pass on the cost of accepting credit cards to their customers. Starting October 6, 2022, businesses will be able to charge an additional fee at the point of sale if a customer wishes to pay by credit card. Due to Consumer protection laws in Quebec, the option to surcharge will not be available to Quebec-based merchants.   "

Thank you Johnny, I would also like to share the following thoughts that I have on this.

This move is ill timed given the current inflationary environment. Consumers are facing increasing price hikes on essentials such as food and fuel, mortgage rates, rents etc and to implement a transaction fee at this time seems extremely insensitive.

On a last note, in my experience any increase fee in fees are implemented with a simple notification to the client. However when the price of a plan or service decreases I have had to find this out on my own. I can think of 3 separate occasions when I have been speaking to a telus rep and learned that the price of one of my services has dropped.

Thank you again for the opportunity to voice my concerns.

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Earlier this year, Telus reported a profit increase of 21% yet they want to pile on with the inflation induced corporate profiteering. It's really heartless of them. Being among the first to push this on customers demonstrates this company has no soul.

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I have been a customer for over twenty years using a credit card to pay for this already overpriced service.  Now, this monopolist Telus wants me to pay a fee of 1.5% for using a credit card. The internet service you provide NEVER meets the speed that you claim while the cell service is bad. What poor service and now you want extra money to give your CEO and board of directors a raise. I'll be shopping around for a new provider and placing a complaint with CRTC.

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You plan on charging customers to pay you by adding credit card fees to payments. This is absolute BS and I will be calling to complain and cancelling my service. This is disgusting.

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Effective mid October , Telus will be charging a credit card processing fee for Telus invoices paid through monthly credit card payments. To me this is like going to a restaurant and having to pay an extra fee when settling your bill. Your thoughts?

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