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Telus Credit Card processing fee


I found out about this from


If this is the case going forward, can I get back paper billing so that I can make payments through the bank?

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Received my notification today that I will be charged the 1.5% credit card processing fee.


I have switched to paper billing.

I should do that too I’m sure freaking shipping costs, paper and ink costs would be more then the actual credit card fees.

Paper billing isn't going to avoid the fee.

"Paper billing isn't going to avoid the fee"


It's a 2 step process:

1) Cancel the payment method

2) Switch to paper billing


You will be mailed a bill. How you pay it is up to you.

You may still choose to pay by Visa. I can think of a number of reasons why you might.


It is, admittedly, a picayune strategy. But it is direct response to a picayune initiative.


It will be interesting to see how the competition responds. If the competition were me then I would be cranking out amusing "Oh Really??" commercials ridiculing the initiative.


For those old enough to remember there was a kerfuffle many years back when a number of gaming companies tried to restrict the resale of game CD's.


Sony had a great response (Link is to a Sony ad on Youtube) 


Sony - How to share a game CD 




My point was I’m taking papered bills as a screw to Telus, it’ll cost them shipping costs, ink, paper…they wanna play stupid petty games I can play stupid petty games too

I switched to paper bills too and I’m mailing them cheques dated for the due date.

I used to always pay my bill by credit card on the day they sent it to me.

Now TELUS will need to pay to mail me out my bill, they’re harming their net zero emissions plan as well when you look at the environmental cost; as the paper, ink, and fossil fuels being used for their bills and my cheques going back to them eats away at that.

There is probably a cost as well for them to process cheques as well.

So I do hope TELUS can realize this greedy decision in the end is harming more then just their reputation and drop these ridiculous fees that been calculated into everyone’s plans already for years. This isn’t new, they know the fees they been paying and the cost of credit processing equipment, just like they know their cost of renting space; it’s all factored into our service plans.

No, but if enough people do it they'll get the message.

They will charge you the cost of the paper too, sadly and you will still pay the fee 

You need to change the payment method

There is no fee for paper billing. I now receive a paper bill and mail on a cheque for payment.

So did I


Well, TELUS sure bungled the email notification, didn't they.

The headline of the email reads "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet", which translates to "pain is an illusion".

So, um, the pain of increasing the cost of doing business with you is just an illusion, is it?


In the email, it notes that it's an upcoming change "to your mobility account".

I don't have an active Telus mobility account. Only Home Services.

This morning I received the email too and I don't have a mobility bill either but for sure they will suck 1.5%+ taxes from my CC

 😡 Going to do something to avoid it as soon as I get the next bill, before October 17th 

Helpful Neighbour
Past in store with cash each month. The cost of paying for cash transfer services these days is higher than 1.5% and creates a security concern. If everyone did this more staff would have to be hired, and that would be to take payment for existing sales and not new sales. This happened to Viodafone and they reversed the decision. Now that I remember people were going in every day doing part payments.

I don't know how much your bill is, but say it's $100. Is your time really worth $1.50 something to go to the bank, take out cash, and then go to the store? What Telus is doing is silly, but that's an even sillier reaction.

Maybe, maybe not.  Will be a fun giggle the first time standing and waiting for Telus staff to teach themselves how to deal with cash.  (Hmmm.   Bill is $107.75 and customer handed me six twenty dollar bills.  Now what?)


Received an official email today from Telus with the body title "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet". 🤔


It says I can pay by Visa Debit, but when I go to Billing on their website the only options are credit card and chequing account. What gives?



If you choose "chequing account", that will let them into your bank account.  I've set them up as a payee in my online banking, and I'll pay them when I receive my online bill notification.  That way, I'm in control of the payment.  I really have no idea why some people are getting so bent out of shape over this - Just pay them as a payee from your bank account - Is this worth all the stress that some of you are creating for yourself?


I’m not interested in a work around, with enough compliant, payment by cash in stores and demands to reduce planned by 10% to cover stress and credit card fees, and people moving to competitors, TELUS will revers. TELUS is the most profitable Telco in the world with net profit %, TELUS can absorb it.

And Roger’s on the back of its outages is looking for opportunities to win back customers, and switching is very attractive right now. And after doing that, one can negotiate a switch back discount.

Additionally I was going to buy a new iPhone 15, watch pro and ipad, a full refresh, but I’m not going to pay an additional 1.5% for the device via TELUS where I can get it from bell or Roger’s 1.5% less. I have a 1TB iPhone 13 for $2600 plus ipad and watch is about $4,500. Now TELUS wants to charge me 1.5% additional on $4,500 when Roger’s won’t. It’s a no brainer.

I really do not think that Telus, will ever reverse this decision - Good luck with that.

I called as I just received my first bill with the feee. She reversed the credit card fee for this month. I now receive paper copies of my bill and I will be mailing in a cheque.

The timing on this decision is poor considering many are making Christmas gift purchases. I would definitely go to a competitor if they offer the same product without the extra fee!