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Report landline out of order. Please contact me via email. Please help.

Just Moved In
please help with my landline not working.  I live in Clearwater BC which has had many downed trees in neighbourhood.

Thank you

Community Power User
Community Power User

Please do not post your personal information on the forums. This is not the place you need to be to request assistance for no dialtone.


Please go to and click on the Chat icon in the lower right if you have no other means of calling Telus. If you are able to call from another line or cell phone, please call 1-888-811-2323. If the cause of the no dialtone is that trees knocked the lines down the sooner you can report the trouble, the sooner they can get people out to fix it. 


I'd also recommend you check with your neighbors to see if they are out of service as well. More people reporting the same problem would also help get someone sooner. If there are trees down and hydro is affected as well, they will have to wait for hydro to get out there and confirm the area is safe so someone calling hydro may not be a bad thing either as they'd usually be out fastest.


Just in case it is not the trees, try the basic troubleshooting:

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