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Optik tv app, log in code LP 1008

Just Moved In

I’m a Satelitte customer, I noticed for log in options for The New Optik Tv app has “Telus My Account “ choice. Can I log in to this App ? When is Telus going to have Optik service here in Nakusp,BC ? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus satellite is simply rebranded Bell Satellite, so I would not expect it to be included in the Telus My Account credentialing.


Telus has been building Fibre in a number of small communities in BC and Alberta, usually where they can scoop most of the installed base, so Nakusp is not out of the realm of possibility. They won't make any announcement until they have committed to the install. You and your neighbours can sign up here to try and expedite the process - a community of folks asking for fibre service would sure make a difference!

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