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I was referred here for my feedback- really?


Not sure why but I was referred to the "neighbourhood" for my feedback. I tired to use online chat this morning to sort out a billing issue and they weren't able to help me. My installer for my optik tv said my wireless box would be complimentary due to house set up/structure. I noticed I'm being billed for it. The online chat rep said I had to call your toll free number. The wait time is over 45 minutes. She gave me another one to try and same thing. I told her to pass on my feedback to her supervisor and she referred me here. So here you go- its great that you provide a product but how about some service. Its unreasonable to have wait times like this.



I too 45 minutes to wait for an agent kinda long on a call a month ago.  We need more agent.

I'd also like to hear a countdown to know how many much longer that wait is going to be during my wait.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I'm not sure when you guys are calling but I've never had a wait that long to speak to them...

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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

I  think  it's  at  certain  times  of  the  day...  ie  evening  hours  when  I'm  at  home.