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5 months ago I was offered a 4k television in exchange that i sign up for telus optik television. The lady who pitched the sale offered the tv as well as 6 months of 50% off the bill. I clarified with her that it was both and not one or the other. She had me pay the extra 100 dollars to receive a 49 inch television instead of  a 42 inch, which I paid.


Well, it has been a long five months of calling telus customer service and contacting them via chat help, and with an open case yet to be taken seriously, I still have no tv, and cable that I can not use. They gave me promo billing for 3 months and then over charged me the past three months. They continuously tell me i will be contacted and I have provided that i am available 24/7 for them to call me, and nothing. Still freaking nothing. 


I have recorded and logged every interaction with customer service, making a total of 18 attempts to resolve them holding up their end of the bargain.

I have never in my life received worse treatment from a cable and home services company.


I have discovered these forums with hope that I may find some sort of support... I have been patient and polite the entire time and I have had zero success being treated properly by telus. I have lawyers but that route is so expensive over a television, but if i have to prove the point i am upset enough to follow through.


This is my final straw,


Timothy S.

Calgary AB


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Community Power User


Have you spoken with a manager yet? I'd imagine after the first few attempts with the front-line agents that the issue would be escalated. Have you spoken with anyone higher up like the Loyalty department? Try escalating the issue if you have yet to do so.

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The past few times I have contacted them, they had confirmed the Loyalty department would be in contact with me, but unfortunately still nothing :(.

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Community Power User

Try the escalation contact page and see what happens. 🙂 Alternative would be to call in, ask for Loyalty and wait on the line.

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

Okay will do! thanks 🙂

This is not related to the OP, as I refuse to get roped into a long TV contract, but it is related to the Terrible Customer Service.


first off, my phone contract has ended 06October. Last week I got 2 emails regarding a $200 device credit if I bundled my services. I have internet 50 and a mobile phone. I went back through my bills and got no bundling discount. When I called the link on the email I got Sales. Well I soon learned they don’t care, she was so fixated on her script she didn’t listen about bundling. Anyway, she said Iwasn’t eligible for $200 discount and she would pass me through to customer service for rebate on bundling. She sent me to the first menu on customer service, with an hour wait. My phone is locked to Telus till December, then I’ll get it unlocked and go to a different provider. No sense trying to get through for credit on account.


I believe there is NO SUCH things a Telus customer "service".

IF you get a connection on live chat, there is always 1 person in front, waiting 25 minutes is a waste of time. The phone line has 1 hour wait. A customer manager WILL ring back, (when you are out!) but his personal extension is always on answerphone.

I would not have signed up if I had known