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Email spam filtering not working

Just Moved In

Has the flagging of suspected spam messages been discontinued by Telus? Spam messages used to be flagged and delivered to my email "Junk" folder but lately there have been no flagged messages. I am receiving lots of spam email, but none of it is flagged. I have also been forwarding them to [email protected], but with no effect. I keep receiving the same messages repeatedly.


I tried calling tech support but they weren't able to offer much help other than to suggest I forward messages as described above. I was able to get them to check that my account was set to flag and deliver suspected spam, as Telus has removed the ability to check and set email settings ourselves.


Is anyone still getting flagged spam?


Just Moved In

I have the same situation.  I'm getting hundreds of spam emails every days.  This has occurred over the last two weeks.  Can't change my spam options as Telus is changing to a new platform.  Pain in the butt!!!

I have been having this problem as well this junk used to be automatically placed into junk folder and now they come in to the inbox. Any solutions at all short of creating rules for every one of them?