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Transferring Your Number (Porting) to TELUS

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Remember the “old days” when changing your cellphone provider also meant changing your phone number? What a pain it was to call, message or email your entire contact list to update them about your new number. Worse yet, what if some of them didn’t get the memo?


Times have changed and you can keep your number when you transfer your number (port) over to TELUS. Here’s how:


First, make sure your number is in an active status with your current provider (it cannot be cancelled or suspended) or the transfer will not be successful.


Next, you will need to gather the following information from your current provider:

  • Your account number.
  • The PIN (Personal identification Number) used to secure your account.
  • The IMEI from your current device (You can find your IMEI on the back of the phone by removing the battery or better yet, just dial *#06# and your IMEI will display!).

(Note: You only need one of the three pieces of information, not all three).


Once the Port is initiated, it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours for the transfer to be completed. Important: While the transfer is in progress, you will experience mixed services, (i.e.: You will only be able to make outgoing calls and text messages on the TELUS network). Don’t be alarmed!  It’s a normal part of the transfer process.


Shortly after the port is completed, you will receive the following notification via text message:

“From TELUS: Your transfer request has been completed successfully. Welcome to TELUS and thank you for joining us!”


Finally, to make sure that your phone is ready for use, we recommend a quick power cycle (power off and power back on) and voila! Your TELUS phone should be fully operational with your new number!

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   Any info on porting a landline number to a Cellular account?


TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

This article primarily explains the wireless to wireless transfer process (i.e.: Transferring from a wireless provider to TELUS Mobility), but stay tuned for the next article on transferring a landline number to TELUS Mobility!