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Lost or Stolen Phone – What’s Next?

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The first step is to try and locate the device before suspending services. Here are some resources to get you started:

Locate your device using the manufacturer “find your phone” tool

Android Device Manager:

Apple Find my Phone:

These tools will help locate your device on a map using your device’s GPS function. You can also remotely wipe your saved information off your phone through these websites.

Please note the device will require connection to the TELUS network in order for these tools to work.


*For your safety, it is best to call the non-emergency line of your local law enforcement agency rather than recover it yourself if you suspect your phone has been stolen.


Suspending your phone services


If the device cannot be recovered, the next step is to suspend services by logging into your online account.


Suspending your phone


Once logged into your account, select Plans & Devices then click on Suspend service to a lost or stolen device.




We've made it easy to locate your device by providing you links to help locate it or you can click on No, it's still missing or Skip and suspend service now



Review your usage to see if the device has been used in the time it first went missing. Click on Suspend my service to proceed.



Service has been suspended and the device IMEI flagged to prevent unauthorized use with another SIM card.



Restoring service to your phone


To restore services to your device, start from step 1 where you'll now see the option to restore services on the suspended line. 



Service restored!




If you are able to recover the device after suspending your service but unable to get to a computer, please contact TELUS to resume services via: 1-866-558-2273,, or *611 from any other TELUS phone (airtime free).



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Dear sir i writte from chile, i have a iPhone telus chip, IMEI xxxxxxxxxx, They found it in Iquique chile in case they want to recover it.Please contact me via email, I do not speak English. Best regards, telephone contac owner xxxxxxxxx


HiMlo , Thank you for bringing this to our attention! That serial number did not come up in our system! Can you please send me a private message with the Sim Card number as well! Thank you for being a good Samaritan Mlo! #highfives Robot Very Happy