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told if I didn't wear a mask I would be refused service , what is Telus policy ?

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told if I didn't wear a mask I would be refused service , what is Telus policy ?


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Any company that wants to protect the health of both their employees and their customers will require masks.


Any reasonable person that wants to protect themselves and others around them will wear a mask.


Many cities/towns/municipalities/etc currently require masks to be work in public as well. Some by law.


With how many asymptomatic people there are out there, everyone should be wearing masks in public.


Any company has the right to refuse service to someone who is not wearing a mask.

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Every worker has the right to refuse unsafe work. If your space or behaviour is such that the employee feels the risk of droplet spread from person to person is high, or suitable precautions are not being taken, the task can be refused. 


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Wear a mask, it seems that the company doesn't care if it loses your business.

A company that allows customers or employees on their premises without a mask, particularly when it is mandated by law, will lose MY business.  I cannot understand why people won't put on a mask to protect others, and if Telus are refusing service to people who do not wear a mask, I applaud them.  They should also ask the offender to leave and get a trespass notice issued if the person does not leave.  


I really do not understand, why anyone is having a problem wearing a mask when inside any business!

In my opinion, it is NOT about you or "your rites", IT'S YOUR DUTY, to protect yourself and others.




It ultimately depends on the law in place where you are.  Here in Toronto, for example.  By-Law 0541-2020 has exemptions.  If you are unable to wear a mask, then you just have to tell them you are medically exempt.  They can't ask for proof and they can't deny you service based on that.  They can offer an accommodation, such as serving you outside of the store.  If they do, a simple complaint to City By-Law enforcement will get them a visit within a few days.  Pay no attention to Public Health Mandates as mandates are not laws!  Company policies to not supersede the law!

@Syaoran  Forget the laws if any. If store owner wants to protect their people and no mask no service. Respect it and go elsewhere. Their are no exemptions that i have seen. This is for the safety of everyone have respect for that. If i am a business owner i can refuse service to anyone.

Businesses are not faceless machines. They are owned and staffed by people. People with families, just like you and me. People with the right to stay safe.

Well, let me direct you to By-Law 0541-2020 for the City of Toronto then.  Just about every municipality has one as well.  A person's human and Charter Rights are more important than your personal opinions.  The law is the law for various reasons!  I, personally have sent By-Law enforcement into a few big businesses that were uninformed, like TD Bank, EB Games, Popeyes Chicken, and NoFrills.  These people "greeting" you at the door have no rights or legal authority to deny a person entry and have no authority to block or refuse you entry!  

@Syaoran  Respect  the wearing of the mask. You haven't lost a family member to the virus yet have you. If we all do it hopefully the virus will stop and we won't see another shutdown. Only common sense.

I respect the law, whether or not I agree with it.  If someone chooses not to wear a mask, it is their right to do so!  If they feel they have a medical condition, medical issue, and or disability that either makes them uncomfortable or unable to wear a mask.  Who are we to judge another person, especially based on reason(s) that might not even be visible.  The ignorance of some people in this thread is very disturbing!  Mind your own business and do what you feel is right, but don't judge others for reasons you do not know, have no right to know, and because others might have a difference of opinion. 


People should also look up how much a mask that doesn't meet the standards of an N95 actually protects you.  Just because people wear masks does not mean they can't contract SARS COV-2.  It just means they have less chance of doing so.  How much less is debatable, but 10% less of a chance is about the best case scenario.  Anyone with SARS COV-2 should not think it is okay for them to go out into the general public just because they have a mask on, which really needs to be the message in my opinion.  

There is no excuse for going into a business with no mask.  If someone has a mental condition or some other reason where they can't handle it, then they should stay away from others, period.  The "medical exceptions" were made up by politicians, not doctors. I've seen a lot of people not wearing a mask because they are "anti mask" not any other reason. I DON'T respect someone who refuses to wear a mask in public and I have no interest in accommodating them.  This is a pandemic and we all have to do our part to mitigate it.  At the moment, our tools are limited. I will judge ANYONE who works in a public place or visits one and does not wear a mask, and I will not judge them positively.  I applaud the airlines and any business that actually enforces a 100% mask compliance policy.  @Syaoran I don't agree with your post at all.  

You don't have to agree.  The law is on the side of understanding and compassion based on medical advisement.  Anyone who refuses to serve a person in a business where the law permits medical exemption, opens up for the business to be sued and the employee terminated.  Personal opinion has no jurisdiction over the law and ignorance and or outright defiance of the law is not what Canadian's should be doing.  We have rights and freedoms for a reason.  

@Syaoran The law permits "medical exception" inasmuch as it pertains to prosecuting the person under the bylaw.  That doesn't take away the right of the business to have a mask rule on their private property which does not have exceptions.  As long as the mask rule is applied to everyone, it is not discrimination. If a person refuses to comply with the policy (mask policy in this case) the business can ask the person to leave.  If the person does not leave, the police can be summoned and the person is then issued a trespass notice where they are prohibited from going on the premises. this is how some places are able to enforce their mask policies.

@Syaoran  No doctor in canada will give you a medical exemption for a mask. If you find one put the name up they rich from the fees.

@polecat Any doctor who does that should have their license cancelled.  I pointedly asked my doctor about "medical exemptions" and he said the only one he could think of was "mental".  There are all these people who claim to have asthma which has got to be the most absurd excuse going since the mask does not impair the breathing to any extent.  My wife has three different puffers for her asthma and she's quite concerned about catching the virus since it would be a lot worse with her condition, so she is insistent upon wearing a mask and others wearing masks, as I would expect.  

Any employee who can't respect another for whatever the reason, should not work in Customer Service!  People with disabilities and medical conditions have their rights protected under the law.  Plain and simple!  

@Syaoran You just won't give it up, will you.  Name the medical conditions so I can tell my doctor what he missed (and don't try "asthma") - besides, anyone with a breathing condition should not be out and about these days.


Maybe you can also quote, in the charter of rights and freedoms, where it says that people can go about during a pandemic with no mask, and infect whomever they choose. Is that a human right too?


I can guarantee that companies like Telus, Rogers, TD Bank, and Apple have checked with their legal departments about these policies. I applaud them for having a common sense approach to these things.  They all have alternative means of people dealing with them which does not require going into their business, so they are not violating anyone's rights.  They are protecting people's health, as they should.

Someone with decreased lung capacity is something I think should fall under the exemption.  I am not a doctor though.  Are you?  Your opinions might carry a little more weight if you had some proof of your expertise.  Some people have severe Asthma.  A friend of mine has a child that goes to school daily, who is medically exempt because she was born premature.  Her lungs are significantly under developed.  I work with people who have various disabilities and to varying degrees.  Maybe that is why I am a lot more understanding than some of you seem to be.  You do have the choice to not work in a workplace you don't feel safe in.  When you consciously choose to work with people in any capacity, you are choosing to work with all people.  Discrimination should not be tolerated in today's society!

@Syaoran I said I consulted my doctor.  Someone else I know consulted their doctor. People who are compromised should not go out at this time, it is something they should be very careful about.  They should shop online and do their banking by computer and phone. This is common sense. Nobody should be endangering others.  This is not about bylaws.  You seem to be questioning a private businesses' right to enforce their own rules.  A bylaw is a minimum standard, not the maximum.

Wearing a mask or not wearing a mask is not a discrimination thing.  In the oil patch, do you think anyone got mask exemptions for going into a hydrogen sulfide area? I can assure you that's not the case.   If someone is nearly blind in one eye, is it discrimination if they can't drive a semi truck?  The original poster asked if he could be refused service for not wearing a mask at a Telus store and the answer was yes, he can be. End of story.


You seem to be very sympathetic to the so-called "rights" of those who don't wear a mask.  Pandemic rules are intended to protect the masses and not compromise their health over the feelings of a few.  I don't want people to get Covid-19 and if that means a few people who are compromised in some way need to stay away from certain places for awhile, so be it. I was born premature. I have some vulnerabilities. My wife has asthma.  We wear masks and do not go out unnecessarily.  If we couldn't wear masks, we would not go out at all. another point that seems to be getting missed is thaf if you are not wearing a mask, you *must* stay two meters away from thers, minimum.  I have not seen the "anti maskers" doing this.  If it is not in the mask bylaw, the requirement is in the health laws.