reception in Otterville, On.


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I live in Otterville, On. and reception is horrible. Not only is there no reception in my house, but I have to walk outside around the farm to make or receive a call. I have ginseng customs are often I don't get there call or message till the next day. I have been waiting for over 3 years for this to be fixed as I heard rummers of a new tower being bulit to correct this problem. Yet I still wait and pay for poor service. I am thinking of switching to a different company as I do not see am improvement for the future and I can't aford to have customers calls being dropped. I feel I am a good customer for Telus as I have 3 cell phone accounts and my bill is always around the $300 range but enough is enough.


Larry Handsaeme


732334 Furnace Road,

Otterville, On. N0J1R0


You should either call Telus to report the issue or download Telus Network Experience app to send a network feedback. If you know other Telus users with the same issue in that area, have them send the feedback also. The more users send out the feedback, the more likely Telus will invest in upgrading the network in that area. Towers are very expensive investments, therefore sometimes it is not monetarily advantageous for a carrier to expand in certain areas if there is not enough demand.

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There are also cellular amplifiers which can improve signal in your house, or anyother fixed location.





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