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does telus have WiFi hot spots like shaw

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Does Telus have WiFi hot spots


Businesses that have TELUS Wi-Fi at their location will have a green window sticker that says TELUS Wi-Fi on it.




Sorry, but no official list of hotspots available.



This should not have appeared twice. Sorry...newbie!
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I apologize as I am new to this Forum/or Comment Center/Section etc. and I placed what probably should've been a COMMENT as another REPLY and I was wondering if you were able to just take a moment to read what it is I just found only after talking to a Telus representative who actually confirmed that this service not only AVAILABLE but He went as far to say the words "yes" when I asked him if in fact this is like the Shaw EXO Wi-Fi service available to Shaw Subscribers. I do in fact see the exact information that he described to me and I am wondering if there is something that I'm missing here, and I ask this because this is going to determine whether or not I continue with my Telus mobility subscription. I absolutely hate being misinformed or I have no issues with using the word "lied to" by representatives of any business or establishment. I hope to hear back from you or anyone with proper {I use the word "proper" not to discredit you in anyway as I should mention that YOUR REPLY is exactly what all of my family and friends have also said to me but when I hear from whom I would expect to be competent in a company they represent, as well there is a large write up on this website about this exact available service and I'm not just thrown right back into the never ending cycle of never ever knowing} information in regards to this services availability I would absolutely appreciate it. As well I would like to say thank you in advance should you find the time to reply to me, as I truly do understand the value, and always I am grateful to anyone who is willing to do so to help out another…especially a stranger. Take care
~Always Grateful~

Looks like the TELUS WiFi is available to everyone. I believe the Shaw hotspots are only available for Shaw customers.

I was pleased to find a TELUS WiFi location in Kelowna. I sent a Tweet to TELUS and was told that they are rolling it out a bit at a time. I'm really happy with the concept. Kudos to TELUS for keeping up with Shaw.