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To whom this may concern

I switched over from Bell approximately 1 year ago . I chose Telus because of your media commercials. I purchased a prepaid program , i was not sure if i would stay with Telus . I encountered difficulties at first due to misinformation or not enough customer service from the Telus store at Timmins Square Timmins Ontario. After 2 months of repeated visits and service calls , smooth sailing. There were a few more calls and concerns after that till today . I had some long distance charges that did not exist but had reversed. All in all still not sure how ever still staying with Telus for now . I spend approximately 50 to 70 dollars a month.





Hi there, have you ever thought about switching to a monthly plan? You will definitively get more for your money like this.

ET knows his Extraterrestrial stuff Mccarthy! Prepaid is for pre-bankruptcy!

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Community Power User

@NightWing-Robin wrote:
ET knows his Extraterrestrial stuff Mccarthy! Prepaid is for pre-bankruptcy!

@NightWing-Robin Not so sure about that!  SWMBO's iPhone runs about $12 / month on prepaid; far cheaper than mine, and she gets all the use she needs.


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@maccarthy-You're welcome to the forum: You acknowledged that switched to <> influenced by its media commercials. Got a Prepaid plan & had some, misinformation issues initially.


Believe us Telus is the best choice. So are you stayed? with Telus or leave it. With the $50-70. monthly expend it easily you can, Sign In for a monthly plan as advised by ET. Search for more (info) about, plans, data charges,.etc. Before take a decision, you won't regret! <ReadMe-soon> "v9"  Hi-NightWing-Robin. Thks for useful advises? 

@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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