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Resolved! Travelling outside Canada

I am going to the USA on my honeymoon in May and would like to be able to use my phone, is there an add on plan I can use for this trip

kennak by Just Moved In
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Resolved! My new Motorola Moto G

Why is this new TELUS phone not listed under the HELP and Getting Started menus. I'm new to Smartphones and cant seem to get much more than phone calls. WHERE is you HELP menu for this phone.?

Resolved! Switched phones now neither work

Went on line to switch from my samsung to i phone 4 i got for christmas....have pay and talk plan still had 8.50 remaining. Now both phones do not work plus cannot call out to report this ...WILL NOT LET ME CALL*611

Telus App for Windows Phone Lumia devices

Was wondering if there is a timetable for the Telus app being developed and deployed for the Lumia series of phone? I have the 1020 and the only Telus app available is Optik TV. Thanks for the response in advance. Regards,Paul

Data has suddenly stopped working

Hi! I have had my Galaxy S3 for over a year and it's never had a problem. But today my data hasn't been working. I've switched it on and off and restarted my phone. Could it be the network? Thanks.

alexisf by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Trying to contact a technical person...

Hi ! I'm a sysadmin, and our enterprise is having a lot of customers displaying emailing problems to us.The common denominator being the host; looks like its DNS is malfunctioning (my little finger says dead drive or firewall ...

missed call notifications

Hello, I was wondering if Telus offers a service out there (of some sort) that notifies the cell phone user about who had called them while he/she is away by either having their cell phone turned off for an extended period of time or going into an ar...

simon726 by Just Moved In
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