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Resolved! Help! How do I transfer pictures from my old phone to my new phone?

My old phone died (Blackberry Curve 8530). I've recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy S4. I don't want to lose the pictures on my Blackberry but I don't know how to transfer the pictures over. I've backed up the stuff on my Blackberry using the Blackb...

Beth by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Rate Increases

I've heard that Telus is raising its rates on August 1st, 2013. For pay per use users local calls are increased from .30/min. to .50/min (67%), while long distance rates increase from .40/min to $1.00/min (150%). Text messaging increases from .25/min...

RAYT by Just Moved In
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Smart Hub

I just bought a Smart Hub. LOVE IT! Thanks Telus!! Internet is very important for me because I work from home. Your data plans are really expensive so I have to go easy on the GB's. I have a cheap but unreliable microwave internet connection up on th...

Darkbob by Connector
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Resolved! Does Telus sell a signal booster of any sort?

Last year coverage at my cottage was good. This year it's reallys spotty. I switched from a Nexus phone to a Galaxy 2... maybe that's the issue? Does Telus sell any kind of signal booster? When I was in the US I bought a Wilson signal booster but the...

Darkbob by Connector
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Resolved! international plan

I have an international plan with unlimited texting, does this include picture messaging?

ashleyb90 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! crtc and two year rate plans

My understanding is that the CRTC has ruled that three year plans on all cell phones can be cancelled by users, without penalty, after December 2, 2013. 1. Why is Telus still selling three year plans?2. My contract reaches its 2 year date in October....

JohnnyLaw by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Instagram

Does anyone know how much data an Instagram video consumes?

Resolved! Fake "Telus" Vacation Scammers calling me repeatedly

Hi. Moments ago I received yet another robocall from vacation scammers who have been calling me repeatedly for the past two years. These scammers are criminals, and they use completely fake phone numbers as the call display number, a process known as...

adamd1 by Helpful Neighbour
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