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Re: why is my phone not working in the UK

Things to check for....where are you in the UK? Is there coverage with the Telus partner?Is this a Telus package? Or a UK sim card? If the latter.... is the phone unlocked?have you ENABLED roaming?What phone model is this?

xl by CPU Alum
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Programming yamaha reciever

I can turn receiver off from remote, during the programming sequence, but it will not turn back on. I used code 61

Jtjonny by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Do I need to purchase a telus phone to use telus service or can I use a telus sim card in any phone.

I have recently moved from China and have a phone from there that should just require a sime card its not tied to any other company from what I can tell. Do i need to purchase a new phone or am I able to just use a sime card from your company in my o...

Vicki_Gow by Just Moved In
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Re: Using Telus services in the UK and Europe

Thank you for the reply. I have been looking at UK providers and have been thinking of getting our phones unlocked. However, if Telus can provide comparable service, I would rather just do the add-on. Getting the advice / support from Telus seems to ...

Re: Using Telus services in the UK and Europe

Your best value might be to get your phone unlocked and purchase a local UK SIM. This will mean you phone number changes. If retaining your number is important to you, the process you already used is best. Buying an add-on package should be transpare...

NFtoBC by Community Power User
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