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Things Sure Have Changed with Telus

I have been a loyal Telus customer for many years and was a staunch supporter for Telus during this entire time. Don't get me wrong, they have helped me lots in the past but this seems to be over. I have a shareplus plan (55) and I have added phones ...

djbeck by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Transfering Upgrade?

So here's the situation. I entered into a 3 year contract with a special corporate rate plan offered to members of my profession last year. This of course means that I am not eligible for an upgrade until 2016, and that's okay. However, my mother who...

my cell phone is saying no service

Was wondering if there was damage to the tower near me (Middleton, NS) from the storm. My cellphone lost service last night and is still having issues

valleykat by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Flex Data plans:

I understand the idea but is this per month ie: I have a 10mb plan and go over which bumps me to the next level is it just for that month or has my base level moved up? so from $5 I now pay $15 or will the next mouth revert back to my base plan of $5...

Pete by Just Moved In
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credit check

How long does the credit check online normally take?

jburtz by Just Moved In
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Roaming plans

Currently there are offers for roaming packages from Telus Mobility; however, they are not comparable to the market of roaming plans. With companies like Roam Mobility one can purchase a day plan all the way up to a month with very reasonable rates. ...

skeeter by Friendly Neighbour
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Unlimited Nationwide Calling?

My family and I just subscribed to the Shareplus Plan. On one of the plans it includes unlimited nationwide calling. I know this includes outgoing calls, but what about incoming calls?Thanks!

squeeazy by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Long Distance with My Fav 10 Canada

If i have someone (cell phone on a different network) on My Fav 10 Canada and they are outside of my local calling area (604) will either of us be charged Long Distance if I call them? Does it matter if I am in my local calling area or not?

bcmack by Just Moved In
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