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Resolved! 30$ extra for 1gb of data?

I was noticing my monthly bill has been hovering around 98$Why does data cost so much? There has got to be someone offering a less costly plan...

nat14 by Neighbour
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Telus going down the Drain!

I cant believe the conversation I just had with Telus Loyality! I am blown away!!!!!!!!!!!!I wanted to upgrade my device and renew a contract. I was told if I wanted to renew I could not carry over my exsisting plan and would have to get a new one. T...

Mikeciocca by Friendly Neighbour
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Group MMS disabled on IOS devices?

Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to get my iPhone to participate in a group MMS conversation. All support forums for apple tell me that under the SMS/MMS options, when MMS is enabled another option called "Group Messaging" appears when MMS i...

bruor by Friendly Neighbour
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Mobility website is scrambled

I am having difficulty reading the mobility website. Pictures are overlapped with words, Some words are missing, whole menu items are missing, pictures are chopped in half. Is it my browser that is causing this? I tried other peoples computers using ...

jimwilde by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Laptop vs Tablet

I have used my laptop surfing the internet via hotspot, uses a fair amount of data. I was wondering if using a tablet there was any difference. I want to get away from using a cable provider for internet just wireless.

nash211 by Coach
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Resolved! Monthly usage

I need 50 Gig Data Transfer per month for work by VPN and would like to allow a margin of 25 Gig. So I need a plan for 75 Gig. Data per month. What is your rate for 75 Gig / month LTE?Thanks Jim

Diego by Just Moved In
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Happy Valley - Goose Bay Local Cell Numbers

It would be good if Telus customers in Happy Valley - Goose Bay, NL could get local cell numbers the same as the customers with Bell and Virgin customers can..The closest numbers Telus customers here in Labrador can get are cell numbers from either C...

marklyall by Just Moved In
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