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access to server when away from home

My Telus account is for a BC Lower Mainland address. But here I am in Toronto with my laptop. I can log on to the internet via wifi, and download my email messages. But when I try to respond to an email, or send a new one, it doesn't go and I get a m...

macgooch by Just Moved In
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Data Usage

so I've been with Telus for about 7 years now. They have great phones amd I'm satisfied. however, when I look at my plan for about $60 1gb of data I don't feel is good enough. I have friends with Fido and rogers who have 6 gb of data for $50! I want ...

rm-7 by Organizer
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Resolved! roaming charges

I am planning to travel to Ontario and further east for a couple of weeks. I have an all inclusive account for Canada. Will I incur roaming charges if I call my kids or receive calls from them in BC while I am away?

Federal government plans...?

Just curious whether or not Telus still offers specials plans for Federal Government employees...? Nobody at work seems to know...

nova79 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't transfer plan when upgrading?!?!

Hey all, I was lucky enough to get an absolutely amazing rate plan a few years ago (I have a friend who got the same rate plan as well). When my friend spoke to a Telus agent yesterday, he was told that if he ever upgrades his phone, he will no longe...

nova79 by Friendly Neighbour
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I have a friend who is willing to buy my iPhone 5S, which I gave up in favour of the OnePlus One. Problem is that now that that I've already switched, the phone is apparently no longer registered to Telus. My friend, being on Wind Mobile, needs to un...

Raine by Organizer
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Mobile Data Options?!

Hello Telus community!So, what (if any) options do i have to add more data to my current plan? 1gb is a joke! Havent been able to find any options to add a gig or 2. So, what options do i have? Thanks in advance for any info/helpCheers!

Ziulek by Neighbour
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