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Resolved! Need help with my data not working.

I'm from Ontario and recently set up a pay as you go account with my galaxy s4. I have 200mb of data but for some reason my phone won't connect to the network. Any help would be appreciated.

mennomex by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Lost messages?

Some of my services were disabled because I didn't pay phone phone bill, including incoming text messages. I have since paid my bill, but will I receive any of the messages that were sent to me during the time I was cut off?

Emharas by Just Moved In
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Services package for USA

Why isn't there a seven day service for US roaming package? Very disappointed! Also why was there such a delay on roaming service after I turn back service from airplane mode?

donoly889 by Just Moved In
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Able to use current balance to top up $100 card

I have a Pay-as-you-go cell phone and carry the phone for emergencies and security mostly. Therefore the balance keeps growing every year and I will never really use all the minutes. I would like Telus to offer what the competitors already offer whic...

Yvan by Just Moved In
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Got a Moto G? How's your Lollipop?

Just got my link to download the update for my Gen.1 (2013) Moto G and wondered if anyone else has applied the update? Hoping to get some feedback before I do, just to make sure that it doesn't break too much. Please chime in with advice and how your...

DSCulp by Just Moved In
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Mobility competition

telus should be a LEADER not a FOLLOWER in the free data usage area. Gigabytes are 20th century! Get into the 21st century Telus and give the customer more freedom in there internet.

dukeebony by Helpful Neighbour
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Ph. call while in the!!

I will be in the US for an overnight & need to use my cell ph for 2 min. I don't need a US plan. I have my ph on Airplane mode. What do I turn on/off to make a quick call? Thanks!!

KarenB by Just Moved In
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Old Mike towers upgraded to UMTS/LTE?

Since Mike is not long for this world, I was wondering if there are plans to upgrade Mike-only towers from iDEN hardware to the UMTS/LTE hardware?Specifically, I'm interested in the tower on Lookout Ridge in Chilliwack: