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Open wi-fi - Similar to shawOpen

I've just switched from Shaw after 30 years and enjoyed ShawOpen wi-fi but little else from Shaw. how do Telus users access open wi-fi similar to Shaw Open wi-fi.

nleforte by Neighbour
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Normal text messages not working !

I have an iPhone 5 with an unlimited text plan but I can't send a text to anyone else besides with iMessage to other people with iPhones and I'd really like someone that can help me out with that. Thanks a lot.

Darren by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Text replies

If I text someone at say 1:02pm and they answer in that same minute, the text comes in above the one I originally sent, making me miss replies all the time. Why does it hop above?

almurk by Just Moved In
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Optik TV App for IPhone

I have set reminders on my Iphone using the Optik TV App an they do not seem to be working. No sound or display on phone at time that it is set. Any ideas??

BEB by Just Moved In
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No service!

I'm located just outside of Winnipeg. I've never had issues with telus until now. Randomly last night my service went from 4 bars to NONE. I use an Iphone4. 3G is on. Have rebooted the phone didn't work, have switched to airplane mode and back also d...

Meeliii by Just Moved In
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T-Up Discrepancies

Hello everybody, was just wondering if anybody else has had issues dealing with Telus regarding the T-Up plan. I purchased it the first day it was available when the Iphone 5s was released. At the time the deal was that the purchaser buys Applecare a...

ab10ff by Just Moved In
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