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Update on Apple IOS Wifi Calling feature

Would it be possible for you to provide us with an update on the implementation of IOS Wifi calling that was announced by Apple over a year ago? I have horrible service immediately outside of the downtown core of Vancouver in the Olympic Village, and...

ChrisBC by Friendly Neighbour
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European nightmare roaming packs

I'm planning to go to Europe next month and after I checked European plans by Telus I have nightmares really. Makes me want to switch to Rogers just because of roaming... Telus needs to step up and they need to do it soon!

Bubel by Just Moved In
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Unlocked Device, Non Telus SIM "Unregistered"

Hi all, has anyone had a issue with a unlocked code not working? So I recently received a unlocking code to unlock my Samsung S3. Bought a non Telus sim. Code was reJected. SIM card read: "not registered on network" "SIM card unregistered" also tried...

Resolved! Manitoba 2014 infrastructure upgrade investment.

Telus announced a large investment in Manitoba including major infrastructure upgrades last year. Where can I find details on these upgrades, proposed tower locations etc. I'm in a fringe area North East of Winnipeg and I'm frustrated by my poor cove...

Resolved! Exhange for more gb

I bought my wife a 16gb iPhome 6 at your Barrie store last friday. She lives in toronto and i am in Australia now fpr 3 months. She has barely used it and needs a 74gb unit...can she exchange it at corporate store in toronto? She has photo of reciept...

Nigel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Long Distance

If I use a B.C. cell phone with a talk & messaging 10 plan in another province to make local calls will I be charged long distance charges?

dleach by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Do Your Choice plans include device subsidy already?

I am a little confused on this point. If bringing my own device allows me to take up to $20 off a Your Choice plan, does that mean the subsidy is already included? For example. I am looking at the 300 local minutes plus 10GB option for a shared plan....

yolo by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Contract Opt out on June 3rd?

Hi Everyone, not sure if this was posted before. Been with Telus since 2012 there are confirmed reports out there that on June 3rd 2015 anyone on a 3 year contract before or after the new CTRC wireless code can walk away from a contract. Anyone know ...

Roaming - Need a Better solution

Roaming is one service that Telus should definitely look at being more competitive at. Rogers offers Roam Like Home ( where customers pay $5/day to a maximum of $50 (or 10 days) to leverage their existin...

ChrisZ by Just Moved In
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