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Voice Mail Map

Greetings,Where can I find a voice mail map?I received an email saying that my voicemail was going to be upgraded on January 21, so I through out the map that I had. When the upgrade didn't happen, I called Telus. They said that the email was a mista...

Shane by Leader
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After my contract ends...

I'm currently in the final year of one of the old 3 year corporate plans and to be honest, I don't like what's being offered in the current 2 year plans. I understand that if I buy a new subsidized phone when my contract ends I will have to enter a n...

Can I upgrade to the new iPhone in the fall with no penalty?

My iPhone 5s was stolen. I only had 6 months left on my contract. I want to get another 5s. I don't really care for the iPhone 6 series. If I pay off my phone and get a 5s on a new 2 year plan can I upgrade to the iPhone 7 in the fall on the same 2 y...

Peasey by Just Moved In
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Wifi Calling

When will Telus launch WiFi calling? My house is in a Telus dead zone, and WiFi calling would possibly save me a lot of trouble. I've seen the Telus Extend iPhone app, but it doesn't seem to work ( errors out on launch). I'd prefer if they did Wifi c...

Resolved! How do I get/redeem my activation credit (prepaid)?

Box states I'm supposed to get "Telus activation credit". Didn't get any during sim registration, so had to use a prepaid voucher during signup. Now I got a text telling me "You have 7 days to qualify for activation credits, call #123 for more info"....

SC1 by Just Moved In
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