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TELUS Extend

When will Telus Extend be offered for Business Mobility?

Rob1 by Neighbour
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new phone

What does it mean to add a line?

Gran by Just Moved In
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new phones

What does it mean to "add a line"?

Gran by Just Moved In
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My Iphone5 calls me at 3am and a computer voice tells me I have new voice mail. I dont want to be notified at 3 am. How can I turn this off

Jim2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus and TD-LTE Band 40

Hey guys. A lot of phones coming out of China these days have killer specs for a great price. I'm specifically referring to the Xiami lists the phone as 2300 MHz LTE band 40 compatible. Wikipedia says telus also uses this frequency.Am I...

Gryfter by Neighbour
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Re: Neighbourhood House (Block) Rules

the ability to check data usage for the current month is a great feature on mytelusis there any way to check data usage for previous months?

jfp by Just Moved In
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just want thank u for sending me a offer to add other line and save. but I am the only one in my house that with u guys and that not going change. so it be nice to get offer that help me.

Resolved! Near Border Issues

I live on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Right across from me is the United States. In the past I'd set my phone to only use Telus Network under Network operators. The problem(at least from my understanding) is that it limits the towers I can be on right? ...