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Resolved! Do you lose your prepaid number when balance runs low?

Hi all,What the title says. I was told that your prepaid mobile phone will deactivate after it's not used and the balance goes to zero, but when that happens, do you lose your phone number?. How long does it take for your phone number to expire so it...

Prepaid question regarding sim card

Just bought a prepaid moto e phone from telus, sim card included. I registered online & inserted the sim card & it says SIM card does not allow a connection to this network.Please help! Need this phone up & running ASAP. Thank you kindly ☺

deleted messages

can i retrieve my deleted texts messages from i phone 5 s 

glo by Just Moved In
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Im telus customer in Mexico and cannot send sms

I have a 40 dollar plan for Mexico I can receive messages but not send sms and iMessage works I'm using Telcel network in Mexico Tried reset network settings but it did not change iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1

Hayseed by Neighbour
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New tower near Spences Bridge

I see there's finally a tower up in Spences Bridge. Anybody know when it'll be turned on?That segment of Hwy 1 is the only real gap in coverage between Vancouver and Calgary...

T-Mobile "Binge On" feature

What do you guys think of it and would you want Telus to offer the same?

taim by Organizer
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