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Resolved! Telus Extend Ports

Hi! Do any of you know what ports Telus Extend used (Or IP range)? I need to open it on our firewall for a user.

CSRS by Just Moved In
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Cannot purchase nano SIM online?

I tried purchasing the TELUS LTE Tri SIM for my iPhone SE online however upon clicking Order Now I get brought back to the welcome page.I try with both Safari and Firefox; same result. B...

FrankMtl by Organizer
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Did I lose my plan?

I was supposed to top up my minutes yesterday but I only topped it up this morning. I have the simple 22 plan but it didn't take my money for that my balance is still 24$ even though the plan should have left me with only 2$

XxKERBxX by Just Moved In
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IMessage/ SMS

Why is it that IMessage through pay as you doesn't work unless connected to wifi.. Technically isn't a iMessage a text, so shouldn't that be covered, I realize you must be connect to a cellular network data but if I'm texting someone via SMS aren't I...

Soups1391 by Just Moved In
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WiFi hotspots in Saskatchewan

Hello Thank you for these tips. I am wondering if and when you might set up WiFi hotspots in Saskatchewan. I cannot find any on your map.

3434 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Disabled Text Messaging

Hello! Quite some time ago, when I first got my smartphone and my number from Telus, I was recieving a lot of messages from the previous owner's contacts. As I was prepaid, it was costing me a tiny fortune, and I called Telus directly and the technic...

Where is the customer service.

Just finished watching the new customer service commercials and had to laugh. How far that illustrates from my actual experience. Signed up for a mobile plan Aug 10 and transferred my landline number to my new cell. Problem #1. The guy at the store t...

LJM by Just Moved In
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I recently bought iPhone 5 that's locked on Telus carrier and I would like to unlock it is there any way to do it for low price by them I'm from Serbia and I would really like if anyone could help me,thank you...

JCx by Just Moved In
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