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After my contract ends...

I'm currently in the final year of one of the old 3 year corporate plans and to be honest, I don't like what's being offered in the current 2 year plans. I understand that if I buy a new subsidized phone when my contract ends I will have to enter a n...

Can I upgrade to the new iPhone in the fall with no penalty?

My iPhone 5s was stolen. I only had 6 months left on my contract. I want to get another 5s. I don't really care for the iPhone 6 series. If I pay off my phone and get a 5s on a new 2 year plan can I upgrade to the iPhone 7 in the fall on the same 2 y...

Peasey by Just Moved In
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Wifi Calling

When will Telus launch WiFi calling? My house is in a Telus dead zone, and WiFi calling would possibly save me a lot of trouble. I've seen the Telus Extend iPhone app, but it doesn't seem to work ( errors out on launch). I'd prefer if they did Wifi c...

Resolved! How do I get/redeem my activation credit (prepaid)?

Box states I'm supposed to get "Telus activation credit". Didn't get any during sim registration, so had to use a prepaid voucher during signup. Now I got a text telling me "You have 7 days to qualify for activation credits, call #123 for more info"....

SC1 by Just Moved In
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Koodo&TELUS Customer Service Problem

I'm a TELUS customer with Mobility accounts at both TELUS Mobility and Koodo Mobile and an internet account at TELUS Home Services. When I call TELUS customer service 1-866-558-2273 from my Koodo phone to talk to TELUS customer service, the system au...

Customer by Neighbour
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Resolved! Do you lose your prepaid number when balance runs low?

Hi all,What the title says. I was told that your prepaid mobile phone will deactivate after it's not used and the balance goes to zero, but when that happens, do you lose your phone number?. How long does it take for your phone number to expire so it...

Prepaid question regarding sim card

Just bought a prepaid moto e phone from telus, sim card included. I registered online & inserted the sim card & it says SIM card does not allow a connection to this network.Please help! Need this phone up & running ASAP. Thank you kindly ☺