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Why aren't Telus pay and talk customers treated equally?

Why are Telus Pay and Talk Customers treated differently then Contract Customers? Your current advertisements #expectmore are false, at least for pay and talk customers they are. Why can't pay and talk customers receive upgrade trade in on old hardwa...

Studying abroad

My son will be studying in Spain for a year and thus we were hoping to put his mobile contract on hold until he comes back. However, according to the people at the store, this will not be possible, at the most we can get a reduced fee for 6 months ($...

Annalize by Just Moved In
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Vacation ?

Hi ... I'm off on vacation and I want my phone service to say I'm not available . I don't want to change my plan or payments. I just want to let who ever might call me that I'm not available at this time message, can something like this be settled up...

dude905 by Friendly Neighbour
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How do I solve my no service/out of area problem?

I just paid my phone bill, and it still says I have no bars with an "X" over them and when I call it says no service out of area. Even though I'm at my home where I typically get good service. I've restarted multiple times. What should I do?

Jpizzle19 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Sudden excessive data usage

I have a iphone 6. This evening I was watching tv and suddenly I was receiving multiple text messages saying my data usage was 75% then 90 and then 100% for no reason. I looked online at my data usage and it says I used just over half a gig in a 5 mi...

Steve20 by Just Moved In
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