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Im telus customer in Mexico and cannot send sms

I have a 40 dollar plan for Mexico I can receive messages but not send sms and iMessage works I'm using Telcel network in Mexico Tried reset network settings but it did not change iPhone 6 running iOS 8.1

Hayseed by Neighbour
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New tower near Spences Bridge

I see there's finally a tower up in Spences Bridge. Anybody know when it'll be turned on?That segment of Hwy 1 is the only real gap in coverage between Vancouver and Calgary...

T-Mobile "Binge On" feature

What do you guys think of it and would you want Telus to offer the same?

taim by Organizer
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Confirm Telus LTE bands in Toronto

Looking for a new phone but Telus’s current lineup doesn’t really fit my needs. So started looking at unlocked models from various different sources. One model in particular that am interested in the new LG V10. However I have discovered that it does...

Wrong time zone being automatically set.

I have a HTC One M7 and starting Nov 5 (out of the blue) my phone randomly switched to -3:30 Newfoundland time compared to the correct setting of -5:00 here in Windsor, On. I have tried restarting phone, turning auto time and auto time zone off and o...

randomeQT by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Reasonable BYOD incentives?

How much do you need to save each month for BYOD to make sense?D = (U+S)/Nwhere the monthly discount for BYOD to make contract cost same as non-BYOD.U: the cost of unlocking the deviceS: the subsidy/discount on the phone when buying on contractN: the...

sheamus by Helpful Neighbour
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Prices really jumped recently

Unlimited Nationwide with 5GB which I just got for my son a few months ago was $65, and now it is $80 for 4GB! (SK)Hopefully they let me renew the contract I have this week when I upgrade.

sheamus by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! What is the number of the voice mail you are trying to access?

I am on vacation in the US, when I try to access my voice mail I get a recording asking me to enter the number of the mail box . All I ever had to do before was enter my password which is a four digit number. What would the mail box number be, how wo...

habsfan by Organizer
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