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Dunmore AB

I live in Dunmore AB, about 7km outside Medicine Hat. At best I can only get 2 bars, usually only 1 for a signal. Any chance you can do better?

LoriE by Just Moved In
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Shout-out to Telus Customer Service

Telus customer service has always been great for me, whether in store, by email, phone, or chat, they make confusing or stressful situations easy to deal with by giving friendly, fast, and knowledgeable service. Today my shout-out goes specifically t...

Lola by Rockstar
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Pay per use

I intend to get a pay-per-use plan;1. Will I be able to call & text outside of Victoria? Also, will I be charged the long-distance rates outside of Victoria? 2. Will I be able to apply for the add ons eg Data10 and use them outside of Victoria? 3. Do...

Josh128 by Just Moved In
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How do I get my account number?

I want to pay my bills via internet but I don't have my account number.. I can't access my bills at the moment, as they mail to my parents address. How do I get my account number to link the services?

Sytang by Just Moved In
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A different kind of 'no service' question...?

Alright. Gonna try and make this short.I have a Samsung Note 3. I used to live in Belleville, Ont. Now I live in Ottawa, Ont. My husband also has a Note 3 and has lived at the same places with me the whole time I've had the Note 3.In Belleville, I st...

KittKat by Friendly Neighbour
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