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Extra Data Charges in RED

I am a new customer and I have these extra data charges highlighted in red in my bill for $5 each. As far as I can tell it is not overage charges because they occur throughout the month, not at the end. What are they? When I tried calling, the wait t...

customer service

A question to the many who are fed up with Telus customer service.HORRBILE! wait 30-45 mins only to speak with someone in the phillipines who cannot speak English. WHY???

blogwire by Just Moved In
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Trace calls from private number?

Hi All I am receiving harassing calls from private number on my cell phone. I wanted to report this and not just block it.Is there a way to do it? Should i contact Telus or Police? Thanks for the response.

MikeRJ by Just Moved In
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Email data usage

Over the last two months, my Galaxy Mega has started using crazy amounts of data. It is my email. It used to be about 17MB a month. Now it's 3 to 4 GB a month! Telus tech support said to switch to Microsoft Outlook so I did. No change in data usage. ...

CDF by Just Moved In
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I'm just curious why Telus no longer rewards loyalty. After 15 years with this company I get the same special deals available to everyone. Why should I waste any more time with this company?

Sc2 by Just Moved In
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iPhone 6 unlock at end of contract

Hi, Unfortunately I have come to the end of my contract as of December 1, 2016 and I am looking to change service providers. I have never had to ask for a phone unlock before and am unsure of how to go about doing so. As I said, I have a ZERO device ...

DCB316 by Just Moved In
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Telus Perk

I received a Telus Perk offer by mail, but the suggested route of leads me to nowhere! dja

dja by Just Moved In
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Data clawback.

My data plan renews on 17th of month. When I access account using phone Wi-Fi I have 2048mb, no usage. When turn on my data, usage jumps to 20mb. Support explains, every month, that an app is running in the background and using it. That is fine and r...

martyken by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does the Huawei internet key work in the USA

I have the Huawei internet key I've been using on notebook and netbook in BC Canada and other provinces in Canada . I would like to know if I can use telus internet in the USA. Thanks

mc by Just Moved In
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