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Resolved! What happened to Bring Your Own Device Plans (BYOD)?

I was trying to sign up for a plan today online, and I already own my own, unlocked device. I checked out Telus plans a few weeks ago, and saw they offered a plan for bringing your own device, which was a cheaper option. However, today I was looking ...

Resolved! Call Screening on mobile

I know there is a way to enable call screening on land lines for specific numbers, but does this exist for mobile as well? I know that I can block a number right from my android device, but this sends the call directly to voicemail. I want a specific...

sanjobie by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How to contact mobility Sales???

Hi, I'm currently a rogers customer with an expired contract and looking to switch to Telus. I had an absolutely great experience with Telus Internet and the support/sales staff there, however I've had the complete opposite experience while trying to...

LandonW by Just Moved In
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No data

Phone: Galaxy Note 5Region: MontrealConnection status: full barsSymptoms: I have no or really slow data. I see the upload arrow almost always on. Most of the time, webpage will not display and I will see a Chrome error. Loading anything will just tim...

Sebb by Just Moved In
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Resolved! WiFi calling: processing, and calling with Xplornet

EDIT:Solved completely by changing DNS settings on network to, under Settings>WiFi and selecting my home network.WiFi calling is working perfectly. Why Telus couldn't recommend such a simple change is beyond me.I set it up today and it said i...

azvee by Neighbour
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Paying off a device

If your service has been disconnected due to non payment, before your contract is up, can you return your device to Telus to pay off your remaining balance left from your phone?

BYOD Samsung 8, HD Voice, VoLTE don't work

Hello, I have a bit of a history with Telus regarding these services, which I'll briefly explain before the problem.I have spoken to customer service representatives that have told me HD Voice/VOLTE should be no problem with my phone. After testing, ...