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New phone

I currently have a Samsung S5, My contract was up awhile ago. I can't contacted telus to up grade my phone to a Samsung S7 after receiving an messeges for telus offering $ 100 off a new phone. I contacted telus seeing the phone was on sale for $200, ...

PO by Just Moved In
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Resolved! visa or tv

im just wondering why i was never offerd tv or 300 visa when i set up services for hm and my cell phone too? im not to happy cause i even changed from Shaw services to ur company caise yous have way better services

By Fiodo Hello Telus???

Hello TelusSeems to my wife and I have got cellular reception problems with Fido since relocating a mere 2.5km six months ago. Can't make calls at home... text messages are delayed for three hours... And on Edge service when i have service.So my wife...

Wuggs by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Taking over a plan?

So the contract of the phone I've been using is up. I took the contract over from my mom but never bothered putting it into my name and just paid her. Now that's it's up I'd like to switch it into my name, will I lose the current plan I'm on by doing...

Parros by Just Moved In
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Reception Issues

Hey Guys, Hope that an existing Telus client can offer some help here. I am a new Telus client, about to hit 6 months. Device is a Nexus 6P. I've been having an issue where outbound calls seem to not work (not all calls, maybe..50% of them) with a "C...

enti342 by Organizer
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CDMA discontinued on Jan 31st 2017?

is this true? my dad has a old telus samsung evergreen slider with i think CDMA only!will have to upgrade to a new smart phone with telus or other company?

Stacking Add On for Prepaid

It looks like there is no way to add more data add on until the current data add on expires. I am looking to purchase additional data after I have used the current 30 dollar data within a month.Is it just me or the system were design to be like that?...

kirouac by Neighbour
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Not registered to network

I justhink received a new galaxy s6 and sim I'm trying to make calls and says I'm not registered to network....been trying different things for over an hour

SeanWK by Just Moved In
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